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Tried animation, quickly learned it wasn't for me. So hey there, welcome to a writer's NG profile :) Message me if you're interested in a sample of my work, or my services, if I might be so bold.

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Mogget128723's News

Posted by Mogget128723 - January 23rd, 2012

In case anyone encounters this, I encourage you to take a look at the art form I'm GOOD at, instead of the half-assed animations I've posted. I'm a writer, not an animator, and I doubt that's ever going to change. So here; take a look at this page.

www (dot) facebook.com/VictoryIsRelative

If you've got the time, it's the Facebook page for a novel I'm working on, titled Wind Shear. Part 1 is posted and available for download, so if you're bored and think a paranormal-driven sci-fi story sounds interesting, go ahead and take a look :)

And before you ask, of course, it's free, and always will be.


Posted by Mogget128723 - February 25th, 2010

I'm not going to pretend that Part 2 is getting anywhere, has gotten anywhere, or is still in the making. It's attempted production coincided directly with a swath of medical and computer issues, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to scrap the project.

I am, however, starting work on a new animation; PHANTOM. It's about an AI driven PHANTOM jet fighter designated A12 fighting through and surviving a devastating attack on its territory. If all goes well, I'll make a sequel (hope it works out better than last time) delving further into A12's background, tech, and exactly how intelligent it is. Until then, however, ONE THING AT A TIME!!

Posted by Mogget128723 - September 30th, 2009

Good lord; it's been like four months since anything got actually DONE on Episode 1: Part 2. You know; real life, school, that sort of thing. Sure, the story lives on and develops in my head, but the DAMN THING STILL ISN'T IN FLASH!!!

Well, the preliminary design has been modified and LEFT AS IS. It's going to be semi-interactive; the duel between Rio, the main characters fallen sister, and Red, the agent shooting down the angels, will have some button-mashing sequences; sort of like a Gears of War 2 chainsaw duel. There will also be an option in the menu to just skip the interactive-ness and watch the video; assuming that Rio always wins.

This is frustrating, and far from over.

Speaking of which! The music for the duel will be 'Far From Over' by Rev Theory.


Posted by Mogget128723 - July 26th, 2009

Okay, I just reinstalled Windows and everything else on my Laptop, and things are looking mighty fine now. If anyone's interested, the base for Of Angels and Men: Part 2 will be side-view oriented, with a few cinematic-style shots for important bits. From this point on, most of the series is going to be side-on, because I find the more cinematic style I was using just too time consuming and difficult to work with. So, not as many frame-by-frame sprite edits, and more tweens.

It might not look as good, but it will get done, and it will look nice in its own right.

Posted by Mogget128723 - May 30th, 2009

Things are going very badly for me and my flash just now. Both Part 2 and the other thing are reeeeally behind, due to some computer trouble. Please bear with me, and thank you for your patience.

Posted by Mogget128723 - May 23rd, 2009

I re-evaluated the base for Episode 1: Part 2 and realised that it was crap anyways, so I relaid the foundations, and left it for a while.

I'm working on something new called 'Useless Little Machine'.
It's about a small robot that finds itself discarded in a dumpster.
It's supposed to be nice and heartwarming, but knowning how my stuff goes, it's liable to end up depressing. Whatever. I love flash <3

Posted by Mogget128723 - May 22nd, 2009

no.. no.. no.. NO.. NONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

god... DAMNIT!!

Okay, so I'm doing real well on part 2, it's coming along nice, I'm almost finished the fight sequence... BOOM!! computer crahes. So I restart the thing, try to open the file... CORRUPTED!?

Okay, first thing, I'm gonna ask... How the HELL does a computer crashing corrupt a file!?
Second thing, I'm gonna ask... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!


I'm too discouraged right now. I'm gonna work on a small miniproject to sort of clear my mind of this crap before restarting Episode 1: Part 2.

Sorry 'bout that, guys, but we're all human.

Posted by Mogget128723 - May 20th, 2009

Part 1 of Episode 1 is up!
(Watch, cheer, add me to favorites! Lol, jk!)

Part 2's gonna have that epic swordfight I mentioned. Don't worry! You violence junkies are gonna get your fill ;D

Posted by Mogget128723 - May 20th, 2009

Some changes had been made to the primary plan layout here.

I'm going to cut episode 1 into two chunks; the one I'm nearly done (containing plot and character development elements) and the second one; featuring the epic sword fight I promised I'd add. Part 1 of Episode 1 should be up by the end of the day.

Part 1 is a about two minutes long.

Posted by Mogget128723 - May 19th, 2009

I just made the sword sprites for the climatic sequence in Episode 1; involving all the Fallen; Red, Mirror, Rio, and Kimberley. Just thought I'd post a picture of the KICKASS stuff you can do with the glow filter! Excuse the little + in the middle of the photo; its a screenshot straight from Flash.


and I KNOW that nobody knows who those four are yet, other than me. You'll find out, I ain't giving any BIG spoilers.

Also, its 100.5 seconds long.